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Rehabilitation services

Füsioterapeut aitab ratastoolis meest autosse

The rehabilitation process has a beginning and an end and a goal to be achieved during this time. There must also be motivation and a desire to change, to cope better and to be active.

Rehabilitation services are divided into social and occupational rehabilitation. Simultaneous receipt of both services is not allowed.

The purpose of rehabilitation services is to:

  • to support and improve the individual's ability to cope;
  • promote learning;
  • support finding work and maintaining employed;
  • increase active participation in society

In providing the service, we attach great importance to the motivation of the person to cope better and be active. Therefore, the customer, when coming to the service, must have a goal which he wants to achieve with the service and he can strive to it together with our specialists and therapists. The goal can be from different areas of life and depends on each individual's personal goal of improving their quality of life. Successful collaboration between a person and a specialist helps to achieve the goals.

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Occupational and Social rehabilitation

Occupational rehabilitation prepares the client for working life and provides support when starting or working.

You may also need counseling to find motivation and confidence, and learn how to deal with a disability or illness on a daily basis. If necessary, our rehabilitation team can help the client enter into working life - advise the employer on how to better organize the work or adapt the work environment.

Social rehabilitation teaches and develops daily life skills, increases opportunities for social participation, supports learning, and develops the prerequisites for a certain level of work ability or recovery.

Rehabilitation at the Astangu Center can take place individually or in groups and can consist of the following activities:

  •  physiotherapy;

  •  occupational therapy;

  •  creative therapy;

  •  speech therapists;

  •  special education;

  •  peer to peer counseling;

  •  a psychologist;

  • social worker;

  • psychiatrist (counseling only)

The occupational rehabilitation service is paid for by the Unemployment Insurance Fund and can be obtained by all persons of working age who are active in the labor market - working, studying or registered as unemployed.

Social rehabilitation is paid for by the Social Insurance Board and can be obtained by people of working age who are not working, studying or registered as unemployed. Also people who are in retirement age.